Brand History

New Jersey Shore natives Robert Giuliani & Abby Taylor founded Playa Bowls and are still with the brand.

Avid surfers, our founders Rob and Abby were inspired while on international surf trips to destinations such as Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, California & Hawaii by how most surf towns offered their own unique version of an acai or pitaya bowl.

“Playa” is Spanish for “beach.” They decided to recreate their “Playa Experience” with an American twist and introduced Playa Bowls to residents and vacationers at the Jersey Shore.

In 2014 they opened their first location in Belmar, NJ. Through grassroots marketing they educated their community about the health benefits of their core products such as acai and pitaya.

As word spread Playa Bowls took off.

In 2023, Playa Bowls opened its 200th restaurant, spanning half the United States.

over 200 locations open in 2023 and an estimated 300 locations by 2025


meet the team

Playa Bowls is stacked with skilled entrepreneurs and experienced food service and franchising veterans.