Who makes a good franchisee?

Playa Bowls franchisees come from many walks of life, below are some common themes.
Minimum financial requirements at $150K in liquid assets, and $500K net worth.

Empire Builder

These large, well capitalized franchisees are looking to scale quickly and own as many units as their organizations can effectively manage. Because of our simple operations and strong ROI, the Empire Builder can scale quickly.

Serial Entrepreneur

These franchisees have owned previous businesses and are looking for their next high growth vehicle. Because Playa Bowls has strong unit-level economics, many entrepreneurs find our business model is better than what they currently own and manage.

Immigrant Entrepreneur

Many first and second generation entrepreneurs gravitate towards restaurants and hospitality businesses. Ours is simpler and more profitable than many such businesses.

Young and ambitious

Often first time entrepreneurs, while they may lack many years of experience, they make up for in hustle. They like the local community marketing aspects of our business.

Former Military

Former military individuals exhibit a strong sense of discipline and adherence to systems, which translates well into the structured framework of franchise operations. Their leadership experience, adaptability to diverse challenges, and focus on teamwork further contribute to their suitability as franchise candidates.


While there are entry level jobs, there are not too many entry level businesses. Playa Bowls has no cooking, few employees, strong unit-level economics, and simple operations, Playa Bowls is a good launching pad for first time entrepreneurs and franchisees.

Family Business

Playa Bowls opens in middle to upper middle class neighborhoods and thus is an appealing business for families to operate together.

Wellness Enthusiast

Because of the community marketing aspects of our business and the healthy and nutritional benefits of our products, Playa Bowls is a good choice for those franchisees who wish to promote active and healthy lifestyles within their communities.

Meet our Franchisees

Ever wonder what it’s like to franchise with us? Meet Dana Nentin who currently operates 8 locations and, with her team, has commitments to expand to 13 more locations in Boston.