What makes a GOOD location?

In 2014, Playa Bowls opened their first location in Belmar, NJ. Through grassroots marketing, Playa Bowls took off. In 2023, Playa Bowls opened its 200th restaurant, spanning half the United States.
  • Middle to upper middle-income neighborhood
  • 1000+ sqft
  • Good parking
  • Visible from the street
  • Easy in and out
  • Left hand turn lane 
  • Good tenant mix
  • Residential/commercial mix 
  • 20K cars + per day
  • 30,000-50,000 daytime population in 8-10 min drive time

What Territories are Available?

With about 300 locations open and under development, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the United States. Playa Bowls is also a rapidly growing chain, so territory availability has a tendency to change quickly. Please visit our consumer site to see the latest on open locations.

Available Territories

FUTURE Territories

Unavailable TERRITORies


what is my protected territory?

Playa Bowl franchisees all have protected territories for each location. The size of the territories will vary according to population density of the market.

Dense, urban, foot-traffic markets like Manhattan and will understandably have smaller territories. The typical neighborhood residential area will have larger territories. Once a lease is signed, Playa Bowls will research the market and offer you a protected territory for that location.

Multi-unit franchisees will be offered a protected development for multiple locations. The size of this territory will vary depending on the size of the commitment. For more information, complete the form below and hold a call with Playa Bowls’ Franchisee Recruitment Manager.